Scholarship Program for the HOT Summit


The inaugural HOT Summit will bring together people from around the world working to make open geographic data available to improve the welfare of people living in vulnerable and disaster prone areas using OpenStreetMap as a foundation. Volunteer mappers, educators, community builders, humanitarians, geographers, and programmers will gather for a 3 day multi-track event to learn, discuss and share ideas about the humanitarian and economic development uses of OpenStreetMap. This event will be the first formal convening of the global HOT Community. To be a true convening of the global HOT community it is important to accommodate as many people as possible who would not otherwise be able to attend due to financial limitations.

Who is eligible?

Anyone involved or interested in the humanitarian or disaster preparedness use of OpenStreetMap who would not be able to attend the summit due to financial reasons. Our goal is to provide 20 scholarships for the event. We strongly encourage anyone who is interested but unable to attend for financial reasons to apply for a scholarship, especially people from vulnerable or crisis prone areas. The number of scholarships available will depend on our ability to fundraise and find sponsorship.

How to Apply

Scholarships will be awarded based on an individual’s scholarship application by a committee formed from the HOT community. Please submit your application here. You may also ask those who are familiar with your work to send a recommendation letter to

Important Dates

Below are some important dates:

If you have any questions, concerns or want to provide additional information about your application, please contact the scholarship committee as soon as possible at

Scholarship Committee

Dale Kunce
Kate Chapman
Tom Mueller
Cristiano Giovando
Blake Girardot


Participating Groups

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